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I't's Back to School Time at Food4Kids Guelph

During the Summer we have been mailing grocery cards; now it's time to get back to our core job—delivering weekend food bags to the schools. 

Our team is busy ordering food, checking and double-checking school lists, and contacting volunteers to do the myriad of tasks needed to meet the deadline for our first delivery on Friday, September 29.

We are so grateful to our community partners who are busy raising funds to help us cover the ever-increasing program costs.

Starting September 20, the fun begins at Strom's Farm and Bakery and continues until October 29.


Visit Market Fresh between September 22 -29, to help raise funds to feed hungry children in Guelph.




if Guelph could ensure...

No child in our community will go hungry.

Hundreds of children in Guelph struggle through each weekend without food.

When kids leave school for the weekend, they should not have to worry about how they will be fed.

Food4Kids Guelph provides packages of healthy food for kids aged 4 -14 years, with limited or no access to food each weekend. Packages of healthy food are prepared by volunteers and delivered to schools each Friday to ensure children have nourishment over the weekend 

Help fight severe food insecurity in our community!
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