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We are extremely grateful to those individuals and organizations who purchased tickets and have decided to donate the purchase price for grocery cards.

Edgehill Design

Maura Dubé

Steve Dyck

Angela Evers

Trina Fazzari

Erich & Karen Feibel

Julie Fleming

Roxanne Foreman

Daniel Frias

Tom  Funk

Rebekah Garriock

Faith & Roger Garriock

Brenda  Gibson

Shirley & Richard Goodbrand

Donna Graham

Evelyn & Norm Greensmith

Rachel Guthrie

Jane Hamilton

Miriam Hamilton

Jasmine Harbin

Nicholas Harris

Clarence Haverson

Eric & Barb Holmes

David Howitt

Karyn Kirkwood

Jeanette Kjertinge

Laurie Lantaigne

Martin & Beth Litchfield

Joanne & Tom Litwiller

Anita Macfarlane

Laura Mann

Judith Martin

Sandra McCormick

Stephanie McCrone

Mary McEwen

Laura McGill

Nan McGill

Gail McKeen

Joanna McMaster

Joan McMillan

Helen Murphy

Carrie Nethery

Nancy Parslow

Kim Passmore

Yvonne & Reny Pietrobon

Steve & Amanda Polley

Gail Ranson

Andrew Reimer

Sharon Rice

Mary Anne Allain

Indu Arora

Anne Atkinson

Elaine & Doug Auld

Charlie Barnes

Lena Bassford

BDO Guelph

Frank & Janet Brewster

Richard Broadwith

Kathleen Bruder

Ann Caine

Jeff Campbell

Suelynn Campbell

Sandra Churchman

Celia Clark

Lonnie Colter

Linda Craig

Donna Crispi

Susan & Peter Cummins

Karen Curtis

Nadia Cutrone

Dianne Dance

Gavin Dandy

Anne Day

Catherine Densmore

Scott & Michele Richardson

Sue Ricketts

Mark Riffer

Greta Robinson

Tim & Veronica Robinson

Emilee Rogers

Liz Sandals

Jody Sanvido

Esther Semple

Maureen Smith

Wendy Smith

Andre & Sonia Spekkens

Christine Stephens

Tet & Jack Tacoma

Paul Truex

Martha van Berkel

Beverley Watters

Sylvia Willms

David & Lillian Wilson

Rick Woolfrey


can help us ensure

that ALL kids in Guelph

are well-fed, happy and healthy...

503 Imperial Rd. Unit 5, Guelph, Ontario, N1H 6T9 

(Please note we are all volunteers and not there all the time). 

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