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Volunteer Job Description

“School Delivery Driver”


Contact our Food4Kids Guelph Volunteer Coordinator

Brittany Skelton

Email:   Phone:  ________


Purpose of Role

You will assist in the delivery of food bags to our partner schools.


Duties and Responsibilities

On the last day of the school week (usually a Friday), our drivers collect full tote bins from Food4Kids and deliver them to designated elementary schools between 9am and 11am. At the same time, the previous week’s empty tote bins are collected from those schools and returned to Food4Kids for the whole cycle to start again. 

Time Requirements

Each delivery shift takes about 1.5 hours, once a week. As we recruit more drivers, we try to build “driver pairs” who can share a delivery route and alternate with each other to deliver every second week instead of every week. Naturally, if you are not able to deliver in a particular week, another driver can cover for you.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Required to use own vehicle.

  • Requires a valid driving licence and police check.

  • Must be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and comply with current Covid rules.

  • Must be able to lift full tote bins weighing 25-30 lbs each (11-13kg).

Orientation and Training

For your first shift, you will be accompanied by an experienced driver who will show you what to do. 

Drivers can use one of our handy folding trolleys to assist with deliveries.

Each qualified driver will be given a Food4Kids name lanyard.


  • Valid driving licence.

  • Police check.

  • Size of vehicle – to determine number of totes that can be carried.

  • Vaccination status – it has to be confirmed with the School Boards for access.


Signing up

The school delivery schedules are established by our Delivery Team Leader, Reny Pietrobon.

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