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Thank you for thinking about the hungry children by organizing a fundraiser that will help close the weekend hunger gap. Please review the guidelines below. 

Third-party Fundraising Guidelines

  1. Before proceeding with your event, an application form must be completed and approved by Food4Kids Guelph.

  2. The use of Food4Kids logo must be approved.

  3. All costs associated with the event are the responsibility of the event organizers.

  4. Food4Kids Guelph will not incur any costs associated with the event.

  5. All third-party organizers will provide all staffing and volunteers, unless special arrangements have been agreed upon well in advance of the event.


We are able to assist with the following:

  • Issue charitable tax receipts, if applicable

  • Authorize the use of Food4Kids Guelph logo

  • Meet with you to offer guidance

  • Provide a Food4Kids representative to attend your event, if timing permits

  • Attend the event, if timing permits

  • Help promote your event through our social media platforms

  • Acknowledge your donor support, as appropriate


We are unable to do the following:

  • Provide funding

  • Apply for any licences (gaming, alcohol) on your behalf

  • Apply for insurance on your behalf

To submit a third party fundraising proposal:​

Download the proposal form

  • Complete the form

  • Print the form

  • Obtain signatures

  • Scan or photograph the document

  • Email the scan or photograph to

Download the Guidelines

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