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Third Party Fundraisers

Third Party Fundraisers


We are extremely grateful to our incredible supporters who hold a variety of events to help us provide weekend food; from private food drives, to pie sales, to one-of-a-kind bag sales as well as to the caring children who request donations to Food4Kids in lieu of Christmas and Birthday presents. See below for some recent events:

March 2020

Grateful thanks to #Beertown Guelph for supporting Food4Kids Guelph with

their VIP opening night on March 3. Attendees opened their hearts (and their

wallets) raising over $2,000 to help feed hungry Guelph children on weekends.

Oh, and BTW the food was excellent. Check them out after they open on

Friday, March 6. — in Guelph, Ontario.

February 2020
Grateful thanks to the wonderful residents of Village by the Arboretum

who donated an amazing amount of food, saving us more than $400 in purchases.

Residents also donated over $900 in cash. Thank you, thank you :)

December 2019
  • Grateful thanks to Maureen Smith, a local Rotarian, for hosting her One of a Kind Bag Sale
    Maureen crafts these beautiful  bags and donates ALL proceeds to F4K. This year's sale raised

    over $3,000. Some bags are still available and make great presents - contact Maureen - 519 822 5065​.

  • Guelph Women in networking chose Food4Kids Guelph as the charity to receive the proceeds of their annual Christmas fundraiser. Grateful thanks for the $1400 that will feed Guelph's hungry children.

November 2019
  • Guelph’s Village by the Arboretum held a dance party; the recreation hall was full, the band and dancing were in fine form, and the wonderful villagers collectively donated over $4,000 to the Food4Kids Guelph program. We are very grateful for this wonderful and caring support!

  • The University of Guelph Agricultural students raised  record $13,400 at their annual tractor pull to feed our hungry kids.

October 2019
  • BDO Guelph held a month long drive for employees to support F4K and raised over $2,000 to
    feed our
    kids. Thank you.


          Please contact Linda (lindacf4k@gmail.com) if you are thinking of organizing a fundraiser.


can help us ensure

that ALL kids in Guelph

are well-fed, happy and healthy...

503 Imperial Rd. Unit 5, Guelph, Ontario, N1H 6T9 

(Please note we are all volunteers and not there all the time). 

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