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How We Help

We provide a solution-based program that addresses, responds to, and diminishes child weekend hunger within Guelph. While we recognize that we cannot eliminate poverty or hunger, our goal is to ensure that any child experiencing entire weekends without food will be fed.


We reduce barriers to accessing healthy food; this impacts immediate, short, and long-term developmental outcomes for children and youth. Provision of food is a key prevention strategy impacting physical health, mental health and academic success.

For many children, hunger is not just an occasional missed meal - it is a way of life. Children who live with chronic hunger develop more slowly than their peers, and experience higher levels of anxiety, hyperactivity, irritability, and aggression. Even relatively short nutritional deficiencies can negatively impact a child’s health.


When children receive the nourishment they need, a whole new world opens up. They are healthier, can concentrate better in class, have higher energy levels, improve test scores and attendance, and become more social.

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