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Monthly donors are truly the strong roots of any charitable organization.

They provide stability and an opportunity to grow and expand our work. Heartfelt thanks to the following
(as well as those who have chosen to remain anonymous)

Monthly donors as of August 2022

Alan and Terrie Jarvis

Ann Bernard

Arthur and Sherry Clarmo
Barb & Eric Holmes

Barbara Kerkhoven

Bill and Sandra Hammond

Brian Martin

Carla Rossit

Carrie Cook

Celia and Peter Clark

Danie McAren

Dave and Dot Short

Donna Graham

Evelyn Stewart

Gen Marcotte

Insa Primessing

James Hill

Janet Dalgleish

John Ellis

Josie Gennuso

Judy Perle

Katherine Virgo

Kathryn Jones

Kathryn Sullivan

Katie  Miller

Kay Weaver 

Ken and Christa Dorter

Kent Hoeg

Kevin Town

Laura Greenway-Balnar

Laura Penny

Laurel Martin

Laurie and Richard Lantaigne

Leigh Golding

Lesley George

Lesley Salamone

Lillian Wilson

Lindsay McIntyre

Lucie Rens

Marcie Vallesi

Margaret Smith

Margot Winton

Maryellen Vandenbrink

Maureen Griffiths

Nalini Persad

Nancy McGill

Nicole Martini

Pat Squire

Patricia & Terry Maurice

Peggy Curry

Peggy Dymond Lumis

Reah Pabellano

Reny and Yvonne Pietrobon

Roy Cox

Ryan McCoubrey

Shauna Barrett

Shawn Vogel

Soha Eid Moussa

Teresa Smith

Wayne and Deb Pepperdine

Wendy Cuthbert

Help us build stronger roots by becoming a monthly donor now

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