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The Issue
Household food insecurity affects 1 in 6 Canadian children under the age of 18.  This is based on research data from Statistics Canada and the Canadian Community Health Survey (CCHS), 2014, and includes Guelph.

Food insecurity refers to inadequate or insecure access to food due to financial constraints.  In Guelph, it’s estimated (and acknowledged by our local school boards) that too many children in our local schools experience food insecurity in their homes. In fact 400-500 are severely food insecure.


Many local school children already benefit from weekday, in-school nourishment programs such as breakfasts, snacks and/or lunches that are available to all children in the school.  But for the children facing severe food insecurity at home, there is a serious gap in their access to food over weekends and during school holidays.  While local food banks and food pantries may have food available, many families find it extremely difficult to access these resources.

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